A Reflection of God’s Love

“As a mother comforts her child, so will comfort you…” –Isaiah 66:13 (NIV)

In Isaiah 66:13, God likens Himself to a mother, comparing His comfort to the way a mother comforts her child. There is something about the way our mothers comfort us with their love. No matter how many times we make mistakes or break their hearts and no matter how many times we turn our backs on them and try to live apart – they STILL forgive us and accept us with all their heart. They may not be perfect and neither is anyone of us, but God shows His unconditional love through the ones who bore us. Just like how God gave His Son Jesus out of love, our mothers have demonstrated their sacrificial love for us. They never withhold anything from us but give generously and sacrificially – even to the point of giving up their last piece of food for us. They never stop thinking of us but pray for us unceasingly every single day. Despite their tiredness from work or from doing household chores, they still find joy to attend to our needs all the time. They are hurt when they see us in pain and sorrow and they comfort us when we feel down and low. No wonder God likens His comfort to a mother’s comfort…

Throughout our lives, our mothers have played different roles and have assumed different jobs – from being our alarm clock in the morning to being our storyteller in the evening, from being our doctor and nurse when we are sick to being our teacher and counselor all week, or from just being the best friend who listens to being a faithful companion who sticks to the end. And no matter how old we get or where we are in our lives, a mother will always be a mother to her child. Whether it be a biological mother, a step-mother, a spiritual mother, a godmother, or a Tita/Auntie/Ate who is like a mother – they are all MOTHERS to us. A mother is not primarily defined by a woman who has given birth to a child but it is a woman who loves unconditionally and sacrificially just like the Father. God has specifically placed women in our lives who play the role of a mother in so many different ways. Let us honor them today (and every single day of our lives) for all that they do for us…

To all the mothers in our lives, thank you for being God’s greatest blessing!!! We honor you and we appreciate you for everything. We are blessed and we are proud to be part of your lives. You are all SUPERMOMS!Every time I think of you, I give thanks to my God.” –Philippians 1:3

In Christ,

Justine Anne

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