Back to School – now what?

I’ve been wanting to write about school but I wanted to ask God what He wants me to share specifically and this is just a short piece of what He has impressed:

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young. SET AN EXAMPLE for the believers in what you say and in how you live. Also, SET AN EXAMPLE in how you love and in what you believe. SHOW the believers how to be pure.” –1 Timothy 4:12 (NIRV)

As we (students) go back to school – regardless of what grade or level – the big question is NOW WHAT? Yes, we need to prepare our materials. Yes, we need to STUDY (trust me, it only gets harder as you go higher). Yes, we need get involved with activities, clubs, sports etc. But I feel like there’s something we need to remember as children of God. What makes us different? Well, it’s another school year to make a difference. Another school year to shine the light of Jesus in our lives. Another school year to reflect the Son of God.

And guess what?? You – yes, YOU – might be the ONLY representation of JESUS that your classmates, schoolmates, and even your teachers/professors will ever meet. Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, right. Heard that already…” But have you ever wondered why out of all the schools/colleges/universities, you are in THAT specific one? Maybe you purposely chose it or it was your best option – but whatever the reason, God, the Author of your life, has already written every page of your life story and He surely has a purpose for placing you there. I repeat, God has a purpose for your life; He has a purpose for placing you there in your current school. We are already in the end times and all the more Satan wants to attack the young people; all the more he wants to distract our hearts, distort our understanding, and destroy our lives. And we, as children of God, NEED to help and encourage each other and at the same time, we NEED to be the salt and the light that God intended us to be.

As I end this, I pray that we will be bold to stand firm to God’s Word; that we will not compromise our beliefs nor our values; that we will not conform to the pattern of this world; that we will always align our standards with God’s standards; that we will have compassion yet stand with conviction; that we will represent Jesus to our classmates and even our teachers/professors; that we will truly reflect God as His children.

Signing off,

JAG [a.k.a. Just A Girl]

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